Interior Design - Office


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Scale -  S / 55m2

Status - Built

Client - Private

Location - Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid 

The way of work and workspace are suffering a deep global change in the midst of the information revolution. The factor that drives these changes are materialized in a connected, intelligent and flexible way of working, it is being a must in the contemporary offices, big corporative companies or small boutiques. Likewise, we currently live in a world entirely connected by freelancers and companies, with a concept of “individual work” which depends on collaborative network. The digital era allows us to work remotely, from anywhere; due to that, reasons for employees to work in an office with the same schedule are now days less convincing.

This contextual framework forces us to design workspaces with an atmosphere that necessarily encompasses two functions: a place that allows concentration, intended to work, communicate digitally or personally; and more relaxed, cosy and warm areas, which are closer to a home aesthetic. This new professional studio combines these two concepts using materials, furniture, textures and lighting of both atmospheres.

The location, in a building of high heritage value in the consolidated urban centre of Madrid, and the remodelation process that the space has been suffered, are the cornerstone factors to understand the sustainability in the project. On the other hand, and from a technical point of view, the intervention is characterized by its maximum respect for the pre-existing building and its reversibility, where multiple potentialities have been rescued. After demolitions of finishes of low quality made by previous remodulations, solid and medium-sized brick walls, carpentry and a structure of solid wooden joists and ceramic vaults emerged from it. Natural fiber carpet, interior greenery and furniture complement these virtues helping to create a completely natural and pleasant atmosphere.

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