Arcos del Bodonal

Architecture - Healthcare Center


More info:

Scale -  L / 30.900m2

Status - In Progress

Client - Private

Location - Tres Cantos, Madrid 


Architects - NOEMA studio

Building Engineering - Shar Arquitectura

Project Manager - Grupo AQT 

A mixed health program which combines hospital, rehabilitation and nursing home areas must be studied from a responsible and holistic point of view. The relationship with natural environment plays an important role to keep the mental and physical balance of the patients and visitors. Thus, the proposal mainly seeks a horizontal shape which integrates with the natural surroundings.

​On plant, the relationship between the horizontal axis and transversal modularity allows to break up the building and approach it to a home scale, comfortable and cosy for the hosts. Due to, the “patio” acquires a role of reconfiguring the program and proving bioclimatic strategies like light and air renovation in the interior spaces. The program has been organised in two main shapes, a rectangular form closer to a human scale for the residence areas and a tower located at the south edge destinated to health zones. This different of scale reflects the spatial complexity of the urban streets and take advantage of both proportions.     


On the other hand, the catenary arch confers multiple technical and spatial advantages, being a multifunctional object in the project. Its excellent and optimized structural behaviour, and its function as a solar control system, allows to solve the envelope of the building with a standardized piece.

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