Casa Colonial

Rehabilitation - Semi-detached House


More info:

Scale -  S / 180m2

Status - In Progress

Client - Private

Location - El Pardo, Madrid

Inside the metropolitan area of Madrid, even though its predominant urban context, there are some protected natural spaces with an incredible value, for instance, El Monte del Pardo, where there are a few colonial dwellings built half century ago with the potential to be fully restored from a sustainable perspective. The current project is a semi-detached house of 180m2 emplaced in one of this “Colonias”. 
Some architectural interventions to achieve a fully sustainable remodelation, to multiply and optimize the functions of the house, have been used in this project. On access floor, all the common rooms have a multifunctional program, for instance the kitchen and dining room are not just a place where to have lunch, there are also a space where to work or spend some time with relatives around the main table. The relationship between the interior and exterior vanishes by the position of the windows, it guarantees an excellent natural lighting condition and helps the crossing ventilation during whole year. On first floor are located all the private areas, with some ceiling windows to increase natural light and air renovation. The north façade is destinated to host all the circulations spaces and bathrooms. 

The interior granite pavement (extracted from a quarry in Madrid) helps to the bioclimatic behaviour of the house through the radiant floor during the coldest seasons of the year, meanwhile during summers keeps the interior temperature down in the residence. New window´s frames and continuous interior insulations supports to minimize the energetic loss. The water from the exterior “pileta”, surrounded by some greenery, contributes to an evaporative cooling system inside the rooms.

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