Casa Horcajos

Architecture - Detached House


More info:

Scale -  S / 500m2

Status - In Progress

Client - Private

Location - Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

In the Northwest zone of Madrid, located at the district of Pozuelo de Alarcón, a town full of history emplaced in a natural environment at the right side of the Manzanares river and bordering the Casa de Campo. An old neighborhood called Sitio de los Horcajos is living an important process of urban renovation, where old rural dwellings are being turned into new high-quality residences inspired in the Broadacre City by Frank Lloyd Right.


Conceptually, three boxes connected by a gallery host all the private and common areas. The gallery guarantees natural cross ventilation and light into all the lounges; furthermore, it communicates vertically and horizontally levels and rooms. The aim is to diffuse limits between interior and exterior spaces creating a continuity area; but at the same time, the exterior space intensifies the greenery that, with its natural aesthetic, builds a new landscape in a plot without one. Double heights and solar chimneys help to bring out all the warm air during the dry season, forcing natural ventilation.


The construction system and the spatial organization try to prioritize an optimal passive behaviour in the house. High thermal inertia in materials, high insulation or evaporative cooling from the landscaped areas guarantee a thermal stability inside the house during summer and winter. Local materials like handmade white brick for the facades, cooper roof, oak wood structure and sandstone pavements compose a vernacular house fully integrated with neighbourhood.

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