Casa Quintanilla

Architecture - Detached House


More info:

Scale -  S / 200m2

Status - In Progress

Client - Private

Location - Manzanares El Real, Madrid

This project is located close to one of the largest protected natural areas in Comunidad de Madrid, Parque Regional de la Cuenca Alta del Manzanares, declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993. The program requested by the client consists in a single-family house with double height and a neat vernacular aesthetic.


The volume is divided in two orientations holding different design´s principles: first of all, South orientation seeks to get the maximum solar radiation during cold season in all the private rooms; secondly, Southeast orientation makes the dwelling to get adapted to the morphology of the plot and frames the landscape of the natural park as a picture from inside the living room; a big eye faces the natural park from inside and gives a unique identity to the residence. Its vernacular shape inspired by “hórreo” geometry, with an elevated platform, respects the existing topography, allows air to travel underneath facades and keeps water filtrations away from the house.  


These decisions are complemented by other passive systems that greatly benefit energetic efficiency of the project: high thermal insulation compose of natural cork, crossed ventilation, local materials... make this proposal a vernacular architecture, sustainable and respectful with the context.

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