Architecture - Healthcare Center


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Scale -  M / 3.500m2

Status - Competition

Client - Consejería de Sanidad

Location - Plasencia, Extremadura

The approach to the new Hospital and Nursing Home implies the understanding of Plasencia as an integrated city with its natural environment, the entrance to Valle del Jerte and Parque Nacional de Monfragüe. That relationship between natural environment, functionality and user´s wellbeing, from a sustainable perspective, leaves as a result an open modular and multifunctional proposal.  


The new centre would be understood as a city, where different programs are combined between shapes and grades, private and common spaces, interior and exterior areas, allowing patients to enjoy and protect their own privacy or decide to share it with other users. The proposal seeks to use all available surface in the plot to organize the program: East area is destinated mainly to common spaces and the West area to private ones. The North block hosts the hospital and South is designated to a nursing home.  

This proposal seeks bioclimatic principles and industrialized architectures: numerous passive tools to adapt the new building to Plascencia’s weather, timber laminated structure combined with wooden beams allow the proposal to guarantee both aims, also it creates a warm and natural interior space.  Finishes like wooden roof tiles on facades or recycled metal roof like cooper guarantee durability.

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