Cabaña Herreros Del Pozo 

Architecture - Prefabricated Cabin


More info:

Scale -  S / 60m2

Status - Concept Design

Client - Private

Location - Soto de Viñuelas, Madrid

There are unique protected spaces inside Comunidad de Madrid, reaching 15% of its surface. One of them is called Soto de Viñuelas, a countryside plagued by holm oak trees which has important natural values for the province.


The client was seeking for a tiny countryside guest cabin house next to the main villa, extending the program and possibilities of their main house and allowing guests to enjoy privacy integrated with the natural surroundings. It hosts a main bedroom, a big greenhouse bathroom and a multifunctional lounge that can work as a second bedroom, kitchen or living room. Window frames help to erase the limits between interior and exterior spaces.


The synergy produced between the wood structure, brick walls, natural cork insulation and different interior materials guarantee an optimized bioclimatic behaviour, a quick constructions process and a warm interior aesthetic. Local and simple materials combined with these bioclimatic strategies allow to reach the maximum climate’s comfort inside the house.  

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