Patios de Tempranales

Architecture - Semi-detached House


More info:

Scale -  M / 5.600m2

Status -  Competition

Client -  Residential Property Developer

Location - San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

Patios de Tempranales was created through a design process for residential architecture, its main goal is to attend the different morphology, nature and socioeconomic conditions. A natural context with a precious value, right next to Parque Natural de la Sierra de Guadarrama, and the new urban plan for the area, demand a respectful architecture with the highest sustainability´s values and fully integrated with the natural surroundings.   


Fourteen dwellings with their own garden and common areas compose the proposal, where bioclimatic principles are applied to guarantee an optimized energy control during the constructions process and building´s life. The presence of greenery and water over the private and common areas help to melt the proposal with the natural environment, which works as a passive system to stabilize the interior comfort in all the rooms along the seasons.


In order to improve the bioclimatic behaviour, the proposal seeks to take back a vernacular system from the Mediterranean Architecture, the "patio". This element allows to create a continue green area on the access floor, being the organization heart of the dwelling and improving light and air renovation in all the interior spaces.  This continuity increases the garden area to 100m2, connecting the interior life with the outdoor environment.  

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